How Do I Know If My White Card Is Still Valid?

You have a White Card Certificate so that you can get work in the construction industry, that is a great career move. With Australia’s strong economy, there will be work in the building industry for hundreds of years. If you are just starting, then you have chosen an industry within which you can grow from strength to strength, climbing the hierarchy ladder as your experience and training grows.

Whether you have your sights on a site manager, a foreman, a surveyor position or are rolling up your sleeves and starting as that white card will open the door and stop your employer from getting a penalty. You can start work immediately on a building or construction site immediately, and in the interim, your card will be produced and sent to you.

Where Is A White Card Valid?

A White Card obtained via training with an accredited Registered Training Organisation will be valid in the following regions:

ACT (Canberra)

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Are There Exceptions?

Physical attendance in a class is required for your White Card Certificate to be valid in NSW and VIC.  Building site employers will not accept your application for employment if you apply for positions whilst in possession of a White Card Certificate that was issued after online training.

How Long Is It Valid For?

In theory, as long as you are working, the White Card Certificate will remain valid. The work you are doing must be within the construction industry. It doesn’t expire immediately if you work outside of the construction business to fill a gap in between jobs or peak seasons. It will expire if you cannot find re-employment in the building industry within two consecutive years.

In that instance, you will have to redo the one-day training to renew your card. Remember, it is best to attend the training in person in a class for the card to valid from shore to shore.

Lost Your Card? What Now?

This is solvable with administration steps. You must contact the original training facility that issued your white card. They will request certain verifying information and will then commence with the issuance of your card.

If we have not answered the specific question you had, please Contact Training Aid today [insert contact page hyperlink]. We look forward to meeting you and see you gain the best success in your career!

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