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How Will First Aid Improve Your Job Prospects?

A personnel HR agency encouraged their clients to attend our courses. Their reasoning being was that the safety sector of the market is expecting an increase in demand by up to 10%.  That is a lot of new jobs becoming available!

Don’t be small, bland fish in a big sea. Here is some advice relevant to our industry, which can increase your employment credentials and make you an attractive candidate.

A big differentiator you can have on your resume is a first aid course with a first aid certificate.

Here is why first aid training is a prerequisite for certain professions and why it will improve your job prospects.

First Aid Courses: An Aid To Professional Development

Career development is a high priority in Australia’s labour system hence the CPD points system. A good example of a point-earning course is first aid training. Health care workers have to get the certification, but it is not limited to them.

Lifeguards and firefighters are also required to have it as well as child care service providers and people that manage large groups of people at any time, like team building activities, summer camps and flight attendants.

Increasing your CPD points will be of great use to you in your job hunting days.

First Aid Certificate And Employment Prospects 

Whilst first aid courses and first aid certificates are not an across-the-board job requirement. The certification is impressive when it appears on your resume. It shows that you have community care values and that you are brave enough to jump in during a crisis and save lives.  That is leadership!

Here are some benefits:

  • It says a lot more than just another business summit on your resume.
  • The certification shows that you care about being a quality employee and citizen. You are prepared to go the extra mile.
  • You will be the go-to person to be chosen as the office fire marshal or evacuation officer as you will know how to treat different wounds, help if there is an asthma or allergy attack and be able to direct others in the same assistance.
  • If you are a close competitor with someone else for a job, this could tip the scales.
  • It shows you can be called upon in high-stakes situations.
  • It says you are ready to take on teamwork, leadership, and communication in a stressful work situation.

Has this persuaded you to take a course? Contact Training Aid today [insert contact page hyperlink]. We look forward to meeting you and also wish you the best success in building your career.

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