Get Your RCG Course Qualification

Having an RCG course under your belt is a necessity if you are looking to work within the world of gambling in Australia. As there is a knowledge base needed to understand the role and responsibilities fully, there is also a need to ensure high-quality training takes place. Dealing with sensitive situations regarding money and personal responsibility, those in this area must be fully equipped to handle an array of circumstances properly.

What’s Expected

If you are planning on working in a registered club or hotel as someone with duties involving gaming machines, you must complete competency training first. Skills built within the responsible conduct of gambling allow you to manage the environment and make sure that all elements fall within the expected lines.

Without a proper course under your name, you will not be able to work within this space and doing so will result in a fine. As a certification that shows your capability and understanding of the industry, it ensures that you have the tools in your belt that you will need working in this environment on a day to day basis.


Obtaining a certificate in, and achieving your very own, Responsible Conduct of Gambling course in Sydney gives you as the prospective employee the qualification you need. With it, you will be able to work as a professional member of the gambling industry in Australia.

It is the goal of this course to produce employees that can reasonably and responsibly promote a safe environment in an establishment where gambling occurs on a day to day basis as part of its operations. The course covers the necessary details of working in a gambling environment and how to anticipate and prevent problems that may arise. Dealing with these matters logically and effectively ensures the smooth running of any gambling or gaming business.

For top-notch training that ensures you are equipped for the jobs you want, be sure to contact Training Aid for RCG and other courses in Sydney, Australia. Get ready to become a professional, qualified, and most importantly, an employed employee in no time at all.

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