Traffic Control Course Melbourne

Roads with worksites are particularly hazardous, compared to a road operating under normal conditions. Traffic controllers are used when signs and devices for work are considered insufficient to provide for personal safety, public convenience and efficient control and management of traffic around the worksite.

Accredited traffic control training needs to be obtained before undertaking the tasks of a Traffic Controller on public roads. A traffic control course provides the required training knowledge to help protect fellow traffic controllers, workers, motorists, pedestrians and other individuals using the road. It is important to note that before positioning yourself in traffic control in Melbourne, it is mandatory to complete the Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat (RIIWHS205E) training course. Once received you will need to do a refresher course every three years.

The Control traffic with stop-slow bat (RIIWHS205E) course will train you to:

  • Direct and control traffic in Melbourne efficiently and safely;
  • Keep drivers, workers and pedestrians safe on the road using a stop-slow bat;
  • Direct traffic using the stop-slow bat effectively;
  • Monitoring changing traffic conditions;
  • Interpret traffic plans and apply them correctly;
  • Place temporary signs and barriers;
  • Use communication devices to report incidences and traffic offences;
  • Control the flow of traffic around school zones, planned events, construction projects or accidents;
  • Learn to communicate with drivers and pedestrians using clear hand signals.

Training Aid Australia does not deliver Traffic Control training in Melbourne.

Training Aid Australia recommends Edway Training Pty Ltd for Traffic Control courses in Melbourne.

Edway Training Pty Ltd is accredited by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver this training course.


Edway delivers this course throughout the week (including Saturdays) in 2 locations (Sunshine and Hallam). For more information about the Traffic Control course in Melbourne, pricing, training schedule and booking, please visit Edway Training’s Traffic Control Melbourne page.

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