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Quick Guide To Helping Someone During An Epileptic Seizure

When someone experiences an epileptic seizure, it can be a scary experience for those around them. However, knowing the right steps makes you calmer, more confident,v and able to ensure the patient’s safety. 

Today, we cover actions to take when faced with an epileptic seizure incident. To build your confidence even further, we welcome you to join us on our essential First Aid Course Online & save lives in Australia.

The Essential Actions To Take 

  • Stay Calm and Ensure Safety – The first step when someone is having an epileptic seizure is to stay calm. Panicking will escalate emergency situations and reduce your ability to help effectively. Then quickly move any sharp or dangerous objects away from the person. This will prevent injury during convulsions.
  • Time The Seizure – Time the duration of the seizure. Most seizures last between one to three minutes. If it exceeds five minutes, it is considered a medical emergency – you should then call for an ambulance immediately.
  • Do Not Restrain the Person – Never try to hold the person down or restrain their movements. This can cause injury to both the person having the seizure and the responder. Allow the seizure to run its course and keep the patient out of harm’s way.
  • Protect the Person’s Head – Place something soft under the person’s head, such as a jacket or pillow, to prevent head injuries. If they are on the ground, gently turn them onto their side to help keep their airway clear.
  • Post-Seizure Actions – After the seizure, the person may be confused or disoriented. Stay with them until they are fully aware, and offer reassurance. If they are injured or have difficulty breathing, get medical help immediately.


It is no longer recommended to hold a person’s tongue down with a spoon or any other object during a seizure. This practice is outdated and can lead to choking, damage to the teeth, gums, and mouth, and can even obstruct their airway.

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By following these actions, you can effectively manage epileptic seizures and provide essential support to those affected.

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