About Us

Training Aid Australia Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 91411) providing training services across Australia and Internationally.

Training Aid Australia aim to empower all people through education. Our mission is to provide quality education through flexible & affordable training solutions.

Training Aid Australia has been operating for over a decade, and has positioned itself in the market as a safety training provider.

Our programs provide preventative training such as work health & safety, leadership and HR. This training assists workplaces to implement safe work policies, to prevent incidents from occurring. We also deliver responsive emergency management training so that your team know what to do if an emergency happened.

With a dedicated group of professional trainers and assessors and we strive to provide the highest quality of training and assessment.

Training Aid Australia has an excellent reputation within the training industry and is focused on delivering positive outcomes for our students. Training Aid Australia’s corporate objective is to ensure that our students’ interests come first.

If you have any queries, please contact Training Aid Australia for further information.

safety training courses
safety training courses