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Say goodbye to occupational hazards with professional OHS training

OHS Training is Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Training. For a majority of companies out there, it’s rather hard to tell which of the two options are better – online or onsite Group OHS Training. Well in your case, that does depend on the kind of results you want for your workers and your company as a whole.

With the incorporation of OHS training, you no longer have to worry any more about any of your staff members, unknowingly risking their lives simply because they are not up-to-date with any of the safety practices. You will get the much-needed peace of mind that you have always wanted, as with the training course, each member of your staff will go through the same level of training.

You can rest assured of the fact that all OHS training instructors possess a very high level of knowledge about the industry. Not only do they know how to thoroughly evaluate the particular level of expertise that is required from each of the staff members, but they also know how to successfully pass on the essential OHS skill set.

The various stages of training

Here are a few points to keep in mind with regard to training aspects:-

Initial training courses are for five days.

  • The OHS Refresher Training Course is for those people who have completed the initial training courses.
  • There are also separate training courses for OHS coordinators, safety officers, supervisors as well as managers.
  • Onsite training usually turns out to be a more convenient as well as less expensive option. However, this rule is not specific for every workplace as certain aspects tend to differ. Ultimately, your main aim should be to minimize any sort of accidents or injuries in the workplace.

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs.

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