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Online or Onsite Group OHS Training

It’s not always easy for companies to choose between online or onsite Group OHS Training. Not only companies, but also the government, are coming to recognise that most people simply learn more thoroughly when via onsite Group OHS Training. So, the choice of whether to hold online or onsite Group OHS Training sessions depends on what results you are expecting.  

The Facts

  • All Government and industry backed certifications are targeted at reducing accidents and incidents within the workforce. To minimise the risk of a company being either failing a safety audit, or being caught up in a negligence case, the Federal Government requires staff working in ‘high risk’ industries to have up-to-date OHS certifications.
  • Onsite group OHS training is by far the most efficient way to adequately refresh or upskill employee’s certifications.
  • The Federal Government offers incentives for employers to update their staff’s skills, especially in the area of Workplace Health and Safety. Either check out the Industry Skills Fund Grant or contact one of our consultants to find out if your group qualifies
  • Many Online Courses are not recognised by both the NSW and Victorian state governments, and do not meet The Federal Government’s Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs standards.
  • All Training Aid’s Instructors have industry based knowledge. They not only understand how to pass on essential OHS skills, but also how to evaluate the high level of expertise required from each staff member within the workplace.
  • Training Aid Instructors know the best way to make sure participants fully understand and can apply OHS skills, is via face to face instruction.
  • Most industry based programs, certified by D.E.T. have a practical component. Practical units are an essential part of effective training, and are difficult to gain through online courses.
  • On a more human level, would you really want any of your staff members unknowingly risking theirs, or other people’s well-being by not being fully up-to-date on safe working practises? With Training Aid’s group OHS courses, you will have the peace of mind that all your company’s staff members have been trained up to the same high standard.
  • Training Aid’s courses are flexible enough to be targeted towards the specific OHS risks and hazards in your individual workplace.
  • Training Aid offers special group discounts for groups over a certain size*.


Some courses offered by unscrupulous online training providers might be advertised at a cheaper rate, but don’t risk putting your company’s finances and reputation online. Contact our professional consultants at Training Aid for more information about the onsite group OHS training courses we offer.

*This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to hold one of Training Aid’s group OHS courses, we highly recommend that you contact Training Aid for more information about Discounts for group OHS training concerning your SPECIFIC requirements

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