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RSA Training Certificates Sydney – All You Need To Know

Are you pondering the need for RSA Training Certificates in Sydney? Then look no further! We have collated the most frequently asked questions regarding our popular RSA Training Certificate course in Sydney and are answering them here for you.

See you at the other end of the questions!


Are you wondering who really needs to do an RSA Training Certificates course in Sydney? It’s a good question because the RSA course is quite far-reaching – in fact, it reaches across every type of industry. How is that possible? Because the RSA applies to any staff that fall into this category:

  • Catering team;
  • Bar attendants;
  • Airline flight attendants;
  • TAB staff;
  • Marketing and promotional individuals who participate in selling, dispensing, serving and providing alcohol;
  • Supervisors, managers, team leaders, operation managers of the aforesaid staff;
  • Safety and security personnel and contractors involved with crowd control duties where alcohol is present;
  • Licensees (which are usually the owners) of properties that provide hospitality services, and
  • Volunteers, e.g. a soccer club chairman or committee member, who are accountable for the buying of and making available liquor and related services.


The where is easy to answer ‒ the whole of Australia. If you are serving, promoting, selling or giving access to alcohol in any form in Australia, you must be certified via an RSA training certificate. There are some fly-by-night training companies out there, so it is recommended you assess the certification of the course provider before handing over any funds.


If your last RSA training was five years ago, then it has expired. Please register for the full course. The training provider must be certified to execute the training as each learner is given a certificate on behalf of the Authority.

File a scanned copy of your certificate digitally so that you can access it easily. You need to send a copy of it to each employer. They will keep it in a register which has to be shown when  liquor authorities conduct spot checks.


It is best if you use a computer, laptop, notebook or iPad for completing the course. If this is impossible for you, then you can attempt it on a phone, but the small size will make it a bit fiddly for you. If you think you might be in a noisy environment, then use earphones or headphones.

Ready to launch your new career now? Contact Training Aid to register for an RSA training certificate in Sydney.

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