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There is tons of information floating around the web about different aspects of RSA courses and their relevance, applications, do’s, don’ts and more. In support of the Greater Mobility for Workers movement (GMW), introduced by Tourism Ministers in a longer tourism strategy, we are resharing our succinct RSA course and qualification facts. This gives you all the RSA information you need in one place. The Mobility for Workers movement encourages cross-state and cross-territory collaboration to remove barriers to labour mobility across jurisdictions.

The Impact On RSA

The GMW brought about a cross-state and cross-territory goal to implement steps to acknowledge interstate RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) courses and certificates. This means that existing holders of an RSA certificate, and those parties considering work in related industries, have broader horizons, literally, for job opportunities. The RSA course certificate can now transfer over to every state and territory within Australia.

This forward-thinking strategy has made it far easier for employees in hospitality industries to fill cross-state vacancies without having to incur unnecessary costs for a qualification they already have.

Which Are The Accepted Certificates?

The nationally recognised certification ‘Provide responsible service of alcohol’ (SITHFAB009A) is accepted cross-state and cross-territory. The acceptance of this certification does require additional training for certain occupations in the different states, territories and occupations. Contact us for details on the additional requirements.

What Career Potential Is There In Hospitality?

The cross-state recognition of the RSA course allows Australians to broaden their skills base in diverse work environments and types of work. It also adds the valuable expansion of a person’s work network, which further enhances work opportunities.

Within the hospitality market segment, there is a very wide range of work opportunities within the tourism, accommodation and entertainment sectors. They all require certification from an RSA course. For example:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Taverns
  • Hotels
  • Catering services
  • Mobile chefs

The career paths are almost limitless in this market segment, such as:

  • Bar attendant
  • Bar manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Resort manager
  • Sommeliers
  • Waitron
  • Casino assistant
  • Casino floor manager
  • General managers
  • Chef
  • Security to these venues
  • Game ranger

And the list goes on.

Where Are Jobs Advertised?

There are a number of employment portals online that constantly have vacancies opening up as the industry expands, such as

Start your cross-state career path with an RSA Course today!

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