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Does A Traffic Control Job Suit You?

Traffic control is a well-paid job in Australia, and it catches the eye of many job seekers. Before booking your first traffic control Melbourne certification course, let’s look at what the job entails. Then you can register for the course with confidence.

What Does Traffic Control Entail?

At its most basic, Traffic Control Melbourne supervises the direction and velocity of automobiles.

The reason that Traffic Controllers are stationed on our roads is to increase the levels of safety for all road and public space users, i.e. people in automobiles, walking on the streets, working on the street or attending an event.

The appointment of a Traffic Controller can also occur for substituting malfunctioning traffic lights, absent traffic lights or temporarily unavailable traffic lights.

When contractors are executing road work projects on an active road, Traffic Management Melbourne Controllers are vital for their safety and to avoid automobile accidents by drivers who are not concentrating. Traffic controllers are also vital at the entrance and exits of construction sites as well as on construction sites if the site is large enough to warrant it.

In the case of large events such as a music concert or festival, a Traffic Controller will direct automobiles, crowds and be trained for emergency responses (ER).

What Tasks Would Be Performed?

A Traffic Controller’s job starts before the automobiles and people arrive and finishes after they have left. The tasks being executed will include duties such as:

  • Establishing the traffic control measures on-site or coordinating the establishment of these.
  • Managing and operating the traffic control equipment, e.g. Stop/Slow signs.
  • Using hand signals as part of the directional management.
  • Removing the traffic control measures.
  • Supervising automobiles or people through a detour or adjusted route due to the presence of contractors working, a complex accident that cannot be removed quickly, a construction site or schedule maintenance to a road, building or utility.
  • Clear communication regarding traffic flows and conditions with:
    • Colleagues, E.R. personnel, contractors, etc.
    • Drivers
    • Members of the public
  • Receiving instructions from supervisors, local authorities, project managers, law enforcement, E.R. personnel, etc.

Additional Points To Note

This job is mostly outdoors, which can be in bad weather for long hours. A good candidate will have an aptitude for sequential planning as well as being a clear communicator. Expect to earn between $50k and $80k with a market average of $60k.

Having First Aid Training in addition to Traffic Controller training will give you an advantage over other candidates.

Is this the job for you? Start your Melbourne Traffic Control course today, and the world is your oyster.

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