Join The Fastest Growing Industry In ANZ!

I.T. and digital industries get a lot of hype about growth figures, but here’s one that will pleasantly surprise you – the construction industry in ANZ is leading the pack when it comes to year on year growth! Time to get your white card sorted in Sydney and jump onto that gravy train!

Your White Card Ticket To Success

When you get your white card issued, you can participate in an industry that gives you an instant upward trajectory. With three hundred and sixty billion dollars pouring into the industry, construction is competing with money-printing sectors like healthcare and retail.

The change in construction has come about with market-driven modernisation, greater tracking ability and greater efficiencies. Stricter health and safety has also been beneficial as the resource pool is now of superior quality. Youngsters no longer see construction work as a life or health-threatening, dead-end job. Business consultants who reviewed the industry attribute the flywheel success to the broader use of technologies driving cost-efficiencies.

The Digital Presence In Construction

There is a federal commitment to boosting the digitising of industries in Australia, and billions of dollars have been allocated for this. This is a launchpad to greater potential success for most industries, including construction. With smarter, more efficient, more affordable and safer ways of doing business, technology is going to help companies boom!

Automating processes and making communication more visible and fluid in building sites’ intensely complex communication networks will continue to revolutionise the construction industry. As a result, managers will be less focused on micromanaging or crisis management and can apply their expensive skills to strategy and business growth. This will result in the need for a different type of manager in the construction industry, which is another growth opportunity for youngsters.

Digital Success Stories

Additional research done by business consultants has revealed that collaborative technological tools have documented productivity increases of up to seventy percent on highly complex, specialist construction projects for the petroleum and energy industry.

Streamlined processes, visible and easy communication, enhanced, simpler collaboration and subsequent team empowerment made employee engagement soar, injuries decline, delays decline and customer service increase. Company growth is an obvious outcome as well as profit growth – the latter does not always go hand in hand with the former.

What are you waiting for? Get your white card in Sydney and get on board this speeding train!

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