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Super Heroes Are Citizens Who Save Lives

First Aid courses save lives every day, and that is why Training Aid is committed to making first aid a regular addition to everyone’s life. We believe that the more people we train, the more we’ll have excellent health outcomes in our communities. Simple correlation.

Heroes don’t wear fancy Hollywood costumes; they are regular folk like you and us.

Here are some hero stories (*names changed for privacy) of regular citizens who became heroes because of their first aid training.

First Aid Course Hero #1

A post-retirement age chap, Bob*, was working on a construction site in Perth. He was qualified and experienced in using an angle grinder for cutting steel. But as what happens in life, things went unexpectedly wrong one day. There was a sudden kickback and the machine sliced deeply into his neck and shoulder region. Luckily, a nearby co-worker had first aid course training and lept into action. He initiated first aid by using cloths and a shirt as a dressing and applied pressure to reduce the blood loss. He quickly contacted a helpline while maintaining the pressure and received additional medical advice, stabilising his colleague until paramedics could get there. As he was adding value, the paramedics asked him to travel with them in the ambulance to continue applying pressure while they administered additional emergency treatment. Bob’s injuries caused a heart attack in the ambulance, and he was rushed into open chest surgery. The doctors manually massaged his heart back to ‘life’, and additional surgery on his arms damaged nerves. Following prolonged, intense physiotherapy Bob is fit, healthy and alive, but only due to a volunteer hero who had first aid training!

First Aid Course Hero #2

One day in a shopping mall, a young father of two, Al*, unexpectedly had a heart attack with no prior history of heart problems. He collapsed and was in a clinically dead state. Bridget*, a nearby shop assistant manager, rushed out of her shop upon hearing screaming. Seeing Al unresponsive on the floor, her first aid course training (of a few weeks prior) kicked in. She instructed a person to call emergency services while immediately starting CPR. When medics arrived, they asked Bridget to travel with them and continue her CPR as it was highly effective. This freed them to conduct supplementary critical care, such as applying the defibrillator. After a month and a half in the hospital, Al was revived and has fully recovered with no long-term damage to his health. Without volunteer hero Bridget being nearby, the result may have been death, a coma or brain damage.

Get your secret superhero status on board when you book for a first aid course.

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