How To Become A Casino Or Gaming Manager

Firstly, congratulations on choosing a career goal. Having a path and goal will immediately make your efforts more successful.

As with all careers, this starts with gaining experience – specifically in the gaming, hotel or hospitality industry. Most great leaders have started at the bottom. There is an informal non-degree route and formal route with degrees – both require compulsory training, such as an RCG course in Sydney.

Your Path To Being A Casino Or Gaming Manager

Experience is such an important factor that formal managerial education can be bypassed in some careers. Having said that, though, a bachelor’s degree in business management, and specifically hotel and hospitality management, will speed up your journey into a management role.

As you grow in your career, find ways of gaining management experience through job shadowing, assistance positions or temporary positions.

Having finance strategy knowledge will set you apart from the competition and will set up a potential path towards directorship. At the very least, you must have strong mathematical operational skills.

Skills are not all about information in books. There are soft skill requirements as well, for example, interpersonal skills. Successful interaction with peers, directors, staff members and casino guests is greatly enhanced with strong interpersonal skills, and that makes you a more valuable manager.

You should also be fit so you can handle stress and long hours of dealing with people.

There is also statutory training requirements such as an RCG (Responsible Conduct Of Gambling) Course, available in Sydney. This needs to be refreshed on a regular basis. You will also have to do a liquor license management course.

Casino Manager Job Details

Be prepared to deal with long, unusual shifts that incur a 60 hour a week schedule. Casinos are open 24/7. Peak hours are at night, during holidays and over weekends. You will probably alternate between roaming the casino floor and office work.

You can expect to earn $1,250 per week ($65,000 annual salary) before tax in a full-time position. This is an average indication. The more experience you gain and the higher this number becomes.

For reference, in 2020, there were 6,000 people employed in the Australian gaming industry, and the numbers and opportunities are growing fast (Source: Australian Government Job Outlook 2020).

Facilitate the start of your career in the Sydney gaming or hospitality industry by getting the compulsory RCG training today.

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