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What Career Opportunities Are There In Australian Construction, 2024?

Let’s look at the construction jobs market Down Under, uncovering the most sought-after occupations, salaries, and course requirements, such as white card training in Sydney.

The Construction Landscape

The construction industry in Australia ranks third in terms of GDP contribution and employment, reflecting its pivotal role in the nation’s economic framework. With over 1.1 million individuals employed, the sector’s growth trajectory remains promising, providing a myriad of opportunities for skilled workers.

Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), median weekly earnings in the construction industry are around $1,600 per week, versus the national average of $1,432.60.

Essential Training

Training Aid offers comprehensive courses tailored to the needs of aspiring construction professionals. 

From White Card training, equipping workers with vital WHS knowledge, to Demolition Site courses, which is a new legislative requirement as of 2025, our programs empower individuals for success in the construction industry.

The skills and qualifications below are good to have under your belt for employment in the construction industry:

White Card Training Course: The white card training in Sydney is also known as the Construction Induction or Green Card training. It covers basic Work Health and Safety (WHS) information and provides participants with knowledge about:

  • Legislation
  • Construction hazards 
  • Control measures
  • WHS communication and reporting processes 
  • Incident response procedures.

Every person seeking employment in the construction industry, or who wants access to a construction site, is required by legislation to go through this training.

Work Safely At Heights: If your target job requires you to obtain this certificate, you will need to do a one-day course that trains you on how to execute your work safely when working at heights solo or with colleagues.

Licences To Operate A Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform: To get certification in this skill, you need to attend training that educates you on the operation of specific boom-type elevated mechanical work platforms. These platforms are attached to telescopic, articulated arms and other devices and you will be trained in the use of these as well.

Certificate IV In Workplace Health & Safety. All workplace safety officers must be certified with a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety training. You may have heard it being called the cert 4 OHS or WHS. It is an entry-level requirement for you if you are after a workplace safety career.

Diploma Of Building And Construction. This course equips you with skills and knowledge in the area of building and construction theory and practices that relate to low to medium-rise buildings. 

Secure your future in construction with Training Aid’s white card training in Sydney! Join us today.

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