What You Need To Know To Work in Traffic Control In Melbourne

The value of an effective traffic controller cannot be underestimated. It is their responsibility to ensure that vehicles, workers, and pedestrians navigate safely through regions where the regular controls are deemed insufficient, such as construction sites, roadworks, and accident zones.

Job seekers will be pleased to know that there are plenty of positions available as Traffic Controllers. Go to any vacancies offered website and type in the search bar “traffic control Melbourne” to see dozens of advertised posts.

A scan of these opportunities will generally reveal the following requirements:

Essential To Have

To be hired as a traffic controller, candidates must have a Construction White Card. Every person working on an operational construction site is required to complete a General Construction Induction course. This course will teach the legal requirements around concerns such as:

  • Identifying a safety hazard
  • Reporting safety issues on a worksite
  • Measures required to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries
  • Correct responses to health and safety incidences in the workplace

On completion of the course, at an accredited organisation, a White Card will be issued. This gives the bearer permission to work on a construction site.

The other prerequisite is the completion of a Traffic Control Course. This will cover the following key areas:

  • How to plan and prepare a traffic control site
  • How to control vehicular and pedestrian access and flow through the site
  • How to identify and manage potential risks and hazards in the traffic control zone
  • How to communicate clearly with key members of the construction area, including the use of communication devices
  • How to communicate with the general public around safety issues
  • How to clear up and pack away the traffic control site

Other Requirements

Positions offered may also require one or more of the following:

  • Traffic management course
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Own transport
  • Previous experience in traffic control
  • Own safety clothing such as boots and reflective gear
  • Proven ability to work as part of a team
  • High work ethic due to the long hours often required
  • A reasonable level of physical fitness due to the nature of the work

If you are interested in a job in traffic control in Melbourne and need to complete a traffic control or refresher traffic control course, contact Training Aid today. For safety training courses that are recognised both nationally and internationally.

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