What Must I Study To Be An Electrician?

The job of an electrician is an exciting one, where you get to work on diverse projects with interesting, challenging and/or top designer finished products. Here is an overview of what you need to study from school to internships and your white card certificate.

What Kind Of Projects Does An Electrician Work On?

Once qualified, you can choose to have a huge variety in your work or focus on a niche part of the industry and become a specialist. 

There are millions of domestic electrician jobs/projects that range from small to very large as well as office projects (commercial), retail stores and large-scale industrial jobs and clients. 

You will find what makes you comfortable, whether it is being the local electrician for your community or the high complexity, big contracts with large industrial clients who call you in regularly. Once you are fully qualified, the world is your oyster ‒ be your own boss or start out within the stability of an existing company.

How Does An Electrician Need To Study?

The requirements are different globally, but electricians in Australia are required to complete a four-year apprenticeship. This will involve you learning through supervised hand on experience as well as time spent at an electrical trade school. 

An electrician or a company of electricians will hire you, and you will work under the supervision of the sole trader or a qualified electrician in the company. You will be taught on a day-to-day basis but will obviously start with basic support tasks for the senior electrician. This gives you a valuable opportunity to watch and observe the reality of the occupation, the challenges you can expect and the correct methodologies to follow, electrically and professionally. 

All this experience gives you a powerful base that you can draw on when it’s your turn to work as a qualified electrician. 

What Is Taught At Trade School?

You will feel the benefit of the on-site job shadowing that you do when you attend trade school. It will help contextualise the new knowledge and enhance your technical comprehension. The classroom is not a standard sit-and-jot-down-notes situation. There will be a lot of hands-on execution of learnings and challenging practical lessons in specialised learning premises. 

The big bonus that you might not have known: you earn while you learn. 

What Qualifications Need To Be Completed By The Electrician?

An A-grade electrician will have passed a four-year apprenticeship, including an Electrotechnology Certificate III. The electrician will also have passed all licensing assessments. You will also need your white card certification in order to work on sites.

Want to study further? You can look at a Batchelor Of Science degree through over thirty different Australian Institutes.

Combining studying with an apprenticeship means that you are already carrying experience at the time of your qualification and that is priceless!

Get your white card certificate to ensure you can work on sites today!

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