What First Aid Certificate Courses Are Available?

Most citizens are under the impression that there are just one or two First Aid Certificates available from registered training organisations. However, there is a variety available that can assist you in your day to day life and in diverse careers. Training Aid has compiled an overview of the courses available.

First Aid Certificate Courses Uses

First Aid Certificate courses are open to all citizens and we encourage everyone to do the first basic course. The incident rate of cardiac arrests is climbing and simple, unexpected accidents, like falls with head injuries, occur on a daily basis globally. With 5.8 million lives lost annually due to injuries and accidents, you can take the right action with confidence if trained.

Sadly, Australia has one of the lowest levels of First Aid trained citizens globally (below 5% of the population). Austria, Germany and Norway have an average of 80% of the population certified in First Aid. In Norway, up to 76% of out-of-hospital cardiac victims are helped by First Aid trained bystanders and up to 81% of trauma patients.

First Aid Certificate Courses Available

Provide First Aid or HLTAID011 (formerly HLTAID003)

This course suits the average citizen. Anyone can do this certificate course to learn first aid course basics. Assessment and treatment of injuries, illnesses and medical issues are taught, from minor scrapes to cardiac arrest.

The first vital minutes of a medical emergency is usually the most critical, and the course teaches how to maintain the victim in an optimal condition while awaiting medics.

First Aid for Childcare Workers HLTAID012 (formerly HLTAID004) 

This teaches First Aid in educational and care environments. It is appropriate for teachers, teacher assistants, full daycare, family daycare and hosts of school camps and extramural activities.

First Aid for Construction Workers CPCCWHS1001

This is also known as White Card Training and prepares a participant for working safely in any construction position. It is a mandatory course to obtain employment in the Australian construction and mining industry. It covers construction hazards, risk management and health and safety.

First Aid for Healthcare Workers HLTWHS005

This course covers injuries and accidents in the course of manual handling and labour as well as the risk assessment of that work. There is lots of practical learning in this course, including transferring victims on slide sheets and hoists.

First Aid for Remote Workers HLTAID005

If you work in a remote geographical location or remote environment with difficult access, then this course is for you. You will learn first responder techniques for incidents like hypothermia, anaphylactic shock, altitude sickness, wounds, infections, spinal injuries, etc.

Get your appropriate First Aid Certificate in Sydney, Melbourne or online from Training Aid today and make Australia safe!

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