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Is The Australian Industry Growing & Offering Jobs?

Australia has grown a formidable reputation as a quality wine producer even though it is a relatively young international contender. In the decade leading up to 2007, Australia tripled its production (400 million litres to 1.2 billion litres) and as of 2022, it produces approximately 4% of the world’s wine. 

But is it growing or shrinking and is it worth looking in it for job opportunities with your new RSA course accreditation?

How Strong Is The Wine Industry? 

While 4% of global production does not sound high, Australia ranks high with exports of its wine, listed as the world’s fifth largest wine exporter, which is phenomenally good. 

This robust industry is spread over sixty-five wine regions in Australia, home to about 2500 wineries and more than six thousand grape growers. In 2020-2021, approximately 163,790 full and part-time employees were hired by the industry. This figure is expected to be higher in 2022.

The Australian government welcomes the more than $40 billion that the industry pours into the country’s economy annually. Over 80% of Australian wine is sold locally.

The Australian wine industry has a positive short-term outlook with increasing sales projected, particularly in the export markets. Wine prices continue to strengthen in response to growing demand, but winemakers remain alert as they respect the competitive strength of the bigger wine-producing countries.

What Are The Challenges To The Industry?

It has not been all ‘hay-making’ years; however, the industry has been robust enough to survive. The latest challenge has been a 175% import tariff gazetted by the Chinese Government on Australian wines. This has knocked 93% off of a A$793 million dollar Australian wine export market. 

The Australian winemakers have responded by transitioning to and growing their exports to the UK, USA and Canada. Some big conglomerates have kept their offices and staff complements in China and are importing American and French wines into the Chinese market.

Robust, agile and innovative winemakers, indeed!

Where Are The Wine Regions?

The wine-growing regions are found in each of Australia’s states but growing areas are on or close to the coast. Over one hundred varietals are produced from these regions in total.

In 2022, the estimated area of Australia dedicated to vines was 146,244 ha. The 3 main contributors are:

  • 50+% South Australia 
  • 20% New South Wales 
  • 15+% Victoria


The Australian wine industry is relatively young but that has made it agile and able to respond robustly to global market pressures. It is an interesting industry with many employment opportunities from sales to agriculture to viticulture to management and more.

The choice is yours ‒ cheers!

Get your RSA course started now and launch your wine industry career.  

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