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How And Why An RSA Certificate Creates Professional Alcohol Sales Staff

The sale and distribution of alcohol is a carefully managed process regulated by national and state legislation to ensure the safety of both those who dispense and consume alcoholic beverages. For individuals who work in the hospitality industry, including servers, bar staff, and others whose day-to-day responsibilities involve providing alcohol to customers, having an established and accredited set of protocols to follow creates boundaries that keep them, as individuals, as well as their workplace and customers safe. While each state in Australia varies in terms of laws, most have established RSA (responsible service of alcohol) certification as mandatory for anyone who works in an environment where alcohol is served.

Why An RSA Certificate Is Important

Intoxication from liquor consumption is a leading cause of criminal activity, violence and road accident incidents, as well as creating and contributing to addiction and mental health problems in society. RSA training equips individuals with the necessary set of skills to identify, mitigate and resolve problem situations while they’re at work and dealing with customers. Should any incident occur within an establishment, and it isn’t properly managed or controlled by bar staff and servers. It can quickly develop more far-reaching consequences, including health and safety inspections, lawsuits against the establishment, and the firing of staff. Negative incidents can have a tremendously harmful impact on the PR of a company or business – something no business owner wants and no employee wants to be partly responsible for.

What You’ll Learn During RSA Certification Training

With this training course, you’ll learn what the NSW liquor laws are so that you have a clear understanding of both the rights of the customer as well as the establishment. Refusing service to minors, minimising harm and knowing how to deal with intoxicated customers in a professional manner are also aspects covered in the course. You will also be taught what your responsibilities are and how to dispense alcohol while at work safely.

Upon completing the course, you will be issued an RSA certificate, which is valid for three years. Once the certificate expires, you’ll need to re-apply for a refresher course to obtain another valid accreditation to continue at your place of work. Training Aid offers professional training and certification and is registered with all relevant federal and state government bodies. Contact us today for more information.

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