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First Aid is a skill in Sydney and Melbourne that carries value across the board. Medical emergencies happen any time, in the Bahamas, in a bar or at AFL. Here are compelling reasons to get these globally valued skills.

Helping A Friend

88% of cardiac arrests are at home and often don’t happen to older people nor people with heart problem histories. If a friend experiences a medical issue, you are the superhero who helps them until medical services arrive.

Your Create Long Term Benefits

Immediate first aid action can reduce a friend’s recovery time. Knowing what to do if YOU or others are hurt puts you into auto-pilot mode, making you more effective in a stressful situation.

A quick response is often crucial for survival and reduces infection rates in instances like these:

Cuts or scrapes: You can prevent dangerous blood loss for large injuries.

Burns: You can minimise blistering or scarring, and minimise shock complications while medics race to the scene.

Broken bones: You can protect broken bones from impacting arteries or nerves, avoiding severe or life-threatening injury.

Cardiac Arrest: Research into medical emergencies shows 45% of people survived cardiac arrest because a bystander knew First Aid.

Additional Benefits: Injured people are stressed and/or scared. Acting with confidence puts the patient at ease which is good for them, good for their family or colleagues, and good for the injury and/or any arriving medical team. And so your superhero status starts.

Skills Shortage

There’s a global shortage of First Aid qualified people even though quality training is available in every city.

Research has shown some scary statistics:

94% of UK adults can’t save lives in first aid emergencies, and 70% can’t help someone who has collapsed, is unresponsive and breathing, or is bleeding heavily. 80% of adults can’t help a choking baby.

The world’s least trained citizens (in First Aid) are…Australians!  4.8% can help in a medical emergency.

18% of Canadians are certified, and 45% have the skills to provide life-saving first aid.

When you are qualified, you will be more confident, and you will be immeasurably relieved when the time comes to save the life of a loved one, friend or colleague whether it’s a fall in a cycling race, a burn at a barbeque or collapsing at work.

Book now to get your superhero certification under your belt (or cape) with First Aid training in Sydney or First Aid training in Melbourne. NOTE: LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

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