Coffee Shop Jobs and RSA Certificates: Are They Relevant?

Do you love the smell of roasted java beans so much that you want to carve out an exciting career in the coffee shop industry? Well, if you have the desire and then add some suave barista skills, a coffee shop job will be on your horizon. But do you need an RSA certificate?

Let’s discuss this today so we can help you launch your exciting new career.

Is the Coffee Shop Industry a Good Choice?

From a growth point of view, yes, the coffee shop industry is a good choice, as it is growing fast. With growth comes lots of different work positions opening up across the board for coffee fans.

Obviously, if coffee is something you love working with, then registering for a recognised barista course will set you off in the right direction. You will learn about coffee, coffee machinery, the work environment, working in a team, and customer service. 

Coffee shops are always in need of baristas for the preparation and serving of coffee and even some other hot drinks. Employers do expect that skill to come with a desire to deliver 5-star customer service. Your robust knowledge of all things caffeine will need to come with a calm head, as a barista can be under serious pressure during peak hours. 

It’s interesting to note that some coffee shops offer their own barista training, so you can apply for work with zero training. If the coffee shop offers ‘exotic’ coffees that have tots of liqueurs or alcohol added, then you are going to need an RSA certificate. You can obtain this on our RSA Sydney course.

What Other Caffeinated Journeys are Available?

Not keen on the steamy pressure of a barista position? Perhaps you’ll find coffee roasting an appealing option. Your employer would expect you to handle the selection of coffee beans, logistics, roast strategies, roast operations, roast blends, and, in some cases, sourcing the beans from the origin countries. 

To become a master coffee roaster, it will be necessary to acquire superior knowledge of coffee growing and coffee beans, roasting machinery and processes, and the science behind them. On the soft skills side, you will need to be able to work with others, albeit a small internal team, as well as a larger, tougher network of suppliers or growers. 

Master coffee roasters frequently begin their journey by choosing a barista position and growing into a roaster or coffee shop owner position.

Is There a Secret Ingredient?

To do well in either of these positions, your secret ingredient will be coffee – and the deep desire to work with and spread the joy and enjoyment of it. There are many different opportunities in the dynamic coffee industry, so read up on it, visit cafes and coffee bean suppliers, and see which positions resonate with you. Add an RSA certificate to your job toolbox, and even more coffee opportunities will open.

Book your RSA Sydney Certificate today to get the best hospitality career opportunities!

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