Chippy Or Brickie – What’s Your Career Choice?

Being a part of building a nation is a truly honourable career choice, so if you are debating which diverse path to follow, we are here to help with white courses in Sydney and a hub of inspiring advice.

Two of the most popular career choices in the built environment industry are as a carpenter or builder. This industry continues to soar, so job opportunities and career paths abound. 

With a white card certificate under your belt you can start applying…but which one do you apply for? 

Let’s compare the differences.

The Carpenter Work Scope

Carpenters, or chippys, build and repair structures, homes, sheds, and more, utilising timber and other related materials. As a chippy, you’ll be contracted to produce timber house frames, roof trusses, and suspended or floating floors. In some instances, you may even be drawn into projects connected to regional infrastructure such as motorways and bridges.

Chippy Responsibilities On Site

As a qualified carpenter, the client, builder, and project manager will expect you to be able to:

  • Follow architect or draughtsman design drawings and plans.
  • Install windows, hang doors, create and mount mouldings and architraves. 
  • Quantify materials needed, measure materials, cut materials to required size with appropriate machinery, minimise wastage and work within the stipulated budget and specifications.
  • Repair or remove and replace timber frames, components or structures.
  • Specify appropriate timber when required.
  • Collaborate with or delegate (if appropriate) to a team of carpenters and assistants.

Does this not sound like your cup of tea? Let’s look at the builder option then.

The Builder Work Scope

We have been a bit cheeky earlier in this blog by calling a builder a ‘bricky’. Yes, a bricky is a builder, but the word ‘builder’ is also a term used to describe a main contractor that is qualified with multiple skills, licences, and insurance to contract and run entire projects. 

A builder, as a contractor, is usually a fully-fledged carpenter or tradesman who has taken the next steps and achieved their builder’s licence. They will have the legal ability and competencies to take on bigger construction projects. Their additional competencies and knowledge include the ability to manage diverse teams efficiently from a labour, timing, and financial perspective. The management demands will mean they seldom have time to be hands-on with physical work. 

Builder Responsibilities On Site

As a qualified, licensed, and insured builder, the client and project manager will expect you to be able to:

  • Manage, coordinate and supervise all aspects of a project.
  • Bring about the construction, maintenance or renovation of a home, office, factory, and more. 
  • Fully execute a built environment project from start to finish including competently and astutely handling the financial aspects.
  • Adhere to all health & safety regulations and actively protect everyone on site.
  • Be less hands-on and more admin focussed.

Ready to make your choice? Which of these job descriptions excites you? Choose what you love, and success will follow. Get your white card in Sydney and start your exciting career now!

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