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Australia’s Thirst: Trends in Alcohol Consumption

Australia has witnessed a significant shift in alcohol consumption patterns, particularly during the post-pandemic era. 

As a premier vocational training entity, we delve into these trends, emphasising the importance of responsible service through courses like the NSW RSA Course, critical for those in the hospitality industry or considering entering the industry.

Understanding The Shift

The pandemic brought about a unique phenomenon where Australians, restricted to their homes, altered their drinking habits. Wine and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages saw a notable rise in consumption. 

This change underscores the need for robust training in responsible service, as individuals with an RSA course are well-equipped to manage and monitor these evolving trends.

Wine And RTDs Take The Lead

Wine has always enjoyed popularity, but the pandemic years saw its consumption climb as Australians sought comfort in familiar rituals. The number of Australians drinking wine increased by over 800,000 people from pre-pandemic figures.

RTDs also surged in popularity, doubling their consumer base. This growth in RTDs, including white spirits and hard seltzers, points to a shift towards convenient, pre-mixed options, particularly among the younger demographic.

Beer’s Diminishing Froth

Contrasting with wine and RTDs, beer consumption has not managed to reverse its long-term downtrend, even with a temporary pandemic-induced increase. The percentage of Australians consuming beer dropped from 37.6% pre-pandemic to 32.2% post-pandemic, marking a significant shift away from traditional beer drinking.

This declining interest in beer presents a challenge for the industry, calling for innovative strategies and responsible promotion.

The Rise Of The Young And The Spirited

The demographic shift towards RTDs is most prominent among Australians under 50, reflecting a broader trend of younger consumers seeking diverse and ready-to-consume alcoholic beverages. This demographic is crucial for businesses to understand and cater to responsibly, especially within the bounds of NSW’s liquor laws.

Looking Ahead

As we move away from pandemic-centric living, the alcohol consumption landscape continues to evolve. The sustained preference for wine and the explosive growth of RTDs suggest a market ready for change. Professionals with RSA certification are at the forefront, ensuring that these trends do not compromise the safety and well-being of consumers.

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