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The Impact Of Traffic Control Courses In Melbourne

Traffic control isn’t merely about holding a stop-slow bat; it’s about creating safe environments and ensuring seamless transitions in areas of change or potential hazards. The realm of traffic control in Melbourne and throughout Australia has drastically evolved over the years through certified courses, and the numbers show its compelling success. 

The Transformative Effect On Australian Roads

Before the implementation of rigorous traffic control courses in Melbourne and the implementation of these measures, national statistics reported approximately 1,500 accidents annually on Australian roads undergoing construction or repair.  

“The number of road deaths peaked in 1970 with 3,708 reported road fatalities. Since 1970, road deaths have steadily decreased.” – ROAD SAFETY REPORT 2021 | AUSTRALIA  

This figure plummeted after the mandatory implementation of the Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat (RIIWHS205E) training course. With trained professionals at the helm, road users can now be sure of a reduction in accidents and fatalities on these roads.  

Uplifting Work Site Safety

Accidents on Australian work sites used to account for over AUD 50 million in medical and legal costs.  

“Over the five-year period from 2015 to 2019, 62% of worker fatalities (566 fatalities) involved vehicles”  – WORD RELATED TRAUMATIC INJURY AUSTRALIA REPORT 

Here is a historical overview of fatalities on worksites:


Not only is there a risk to the health and safety of your staff but companies face a risk of brand devaluation due to site-related mishaps. As traffic control has increased safety, there has been a decrease in risk to brand value, preserving both finances and reputation. 

An Enhanced Experience At Australian Events

Before structured traffic control measures, large-scale events witnessed minor to major mishaps, including injuries and deaths related to traffic mismanagement. These incidents have materially decreased as safety controls have increased. 

Moreover, the smooth flow of traffic and crowd management can make or break attendee satisfaction rates and that equates directly to profit loss. 

A Look At The ROI

The economic benefits easily sell the service of traffic control. Every dollar invested in traffic control saves companies potential legal, medical and compensational costs as well as operational losses. Additionally, a positive brand image, reduced risk of brand devaluation and enhanced stakeholder trust can boost company valuation. 

Safety Delivers Profits

Traffic control isn’t just a regulatory measure; it’s an indispensable facet of modern Australian life, ensuring our roads, work sites and events are safer, more efficient, enjoyable and profitable. Investing in traffic control is not only a business decision but a commitment to safety, excellence and progress. 

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