New NSW Child Care Anaphylaxis Regulation Requirements

Under the new regulations requirements for Child Care Centres in NSW, Centre managers are required to ensure that all staff receives relevant training in Anaphylaxis as from the 1st of January 2012.

The training course that centres need to complete will need to include the following aspects to meet the new regulations:-

  • Information in the prevention of Anaphylaxis
  • Information in the development of Anaphylaxis policies and procedures for the centre and excursions
  • Information in the management of Anaphylaxis
  • Information in the Action Plans of Anaphylaxis
  • Information in First Aid for Anaphylaxis
  • The use of an Epipen and or Anapen

At Training Aid Australia we have tailored a course to meet the above requirements for Child Care Centres. For a competitive price and time that suits your centre please contact us for your Anaphylaxis training needs.

For further information regarding the new regulations requirements please visit the link provided below or visit


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