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Mining Industry employment success

We thought we would share an email we received from a 35-year-old Melbourne guy who had no prior mining experience. Here is the email we received this week (which is very different to the email we received from him a month ago when he was very frustrated that he had not landed a mining job yet.)

“Hi, I thought I would share with you that I now have a great mining job in Collinsville and well, if it helps one other person get a start then please share this with other students.

Originally I was pretty frustrated because I paid this money for a course and didn’t get a job straight away. I then realized that I can do something about it, in fact I did 7 things about it that I believe helped me get the job. Instead of sending out 100 resumes (which I did do), I decided to research the company before I sent an email so I knew what jobs were available. I created a little file on each mine and made sure I sent a follow up email a week after my first email. I think the fact I changed my attitude and stayed positive really helped and I also deleted any pictures off my facebook account that may have seemed risky. I would also like to thank Dave who did my resume and turned my work skills into mine skills – I know this helped.”

I think this letter is a good guide to some simple things you can do if you have not secured a position in the mines as yet. In summary:

  • Follow-up your emails don’t assume the mines will contact you
  • Write down the mines you contact and research making sure you tailor your letter to suit.
  • Stay Positive! Employers can tell if you are negative.
  • Have a positive social media presence. It is a fact that 60%-90% employers will check your social media profile and if it is not positive it will affect your chances.
  • Keep researching the industry, the jobs and the lifestyle If you need assistance with any of the above, including how to check what your social media profile is, please don’t hesitate to reply.

Whilst we are the training providers, we do like to assist where we can.


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