Maximising Safety In Sports: The Critical Role Of Advanced First Aid Training

Sports is an exciting and unpredictable world where safety is very important. With rigour comes risks and that’s where advanced first aid courses deliver more than value, they save lives.

When sports teams and event organisers have advanced first-aid skills on hand, they are immediately better equipped to manage emergencies effectively. It goes without saying that we promote the significant value that this vocational training adds to the holistic success of sports events.

Here are our reasons behind this.

Why Advanced First Aid Training Courses Are Essential

When there is a first-aid hero present at matches, who has advanced first-aid training, they will bring the knowledge and skills necessary to address the various challenges proactively.

From sprains and fractures to more serious life-threatening situations, the related degrees of risk are immediately significantly reduced because the correct stabilising action will be taken.

Emergency Response Capabilities

The value of correct first response action and the speed of the first response rate (FRR) are more significant than most people realise.

In the case of an OHCA (out-of-hospital cardiac arrest), the ability to start CPR quickly can increase a patient’s survival rate by 200 to 300%. Emergencies happen in the most unexpected places – hence the emergency nature of these medical events.

Just recently, in April of this year, 26-year-old Keysborough player Jojo Ofosu-Amaah suffered a cardiac arrest mid-game! No one expected it, not even him. A young, super-fit athlete in the prime of his life – who would have thought a heart attack was on the radar?

When he collapsed on the field, his teammate raced to him and removed his mouthguard, and the coaches sped onto the field to start CPR. Another volunteer was instructed by the first-aiders to fetch the club’s defibrillator, and another volunteer was instructed to call for an ambulance. Jojo survived and gave a thumbs up as he was loaded into the ambulance 10 minutes later.

It would have been a dark day for footy if advanced first aid training skills had not been present that day!

First aid protocols and techniques evolve and improve as medical science advances. Our team of experts advocate for regular refresher courses to keep first aid skills current and effective. This is a global standard.

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