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Give a New Lease of Life to Someone in Need – Asthma Anaphylaxis in Sydney

Ever gotten the feeling that your current job is just not your calling and you would go for your true passion instead? That a person of your character would be better suited to pursuing a specific kind of training? And what if that was training of asthma anaphylaxis in Sydney?

Well, without proper and thorough training, there is little chance of making that dream of yours a reality. However, with the necessary training and other requirements, not only will you succeed in pursuing your dream, but there are truly no limits to the heights you will be able to scale.

One of the main aspects of a malady like asthma is that it unfortunately tends to surface at a very young age, usually when the child is just entering his/her teen years. However, all is not lost – if caught in time, preventive measures can be effective at curbing it. That is exactly the beauty of the training of Asthma Anaphylaxis in Sydney.

The main aspects of your training program

The training program at our training centre will basically cover all the skills and knowledge required for a person to recognise the clinical manifestations of asthma and respond to an asthma emergency. Here are few of the main aspects that you will cover in the course :-

–        Recognising signs and symptoms

–        Adrenaline autoinjectors

–        Common allergens

–        Specific definitions and regulations relating to allergies and anaphylaxis

–        Anaphylaxis first aid

Duration of the training course

With both the aspects of anaphylaxis and asthma combined, the course duration of Asthma Anaphylaxis in Sydney is around 3 hours long.


For the recognition of your training, you will receive a Nationally Recognised Certificate For Attainment. Additionally, your certificate will also have course codes listed as well :-

–        22282VIC Course In Emergency Asthma Management

–        22300VIC In First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

As far as completely fulfilling all of the requirements of both anaphylaxis and asthma training is concerned, these courses also happen to be recognised by the ACECQA [The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority].

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs.

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