You’re Never Too Young (Or Old) To Learn First Aid

If you thought a First Aid Course was for 20 – 40-year-olds, think again! Children below the age of ten can learn First Aid AND save people with that knowledge, proving that age is irrelevant when it comes to learning and using your First Aid Course. Here’s an extract from a true story about a child being a First Aider.

An Eight-Year-Old Hero

Michael*, aged eight, had been forced to learn First Aid at his school. They called it First Aid Club. He couldn’t understand why a child would need it but the training was quite exciting and he felt like a fireman at the end of it.

When walking in the streets one day with his Mum, a lady collapsed just ahead of them. Michael’s training set him off down the road to here where he tried communicating with her and then checked for signs of breathing.

He quickly ascertained she was breathing so he pushed her over a bit to get her fully onto her side and, just like his instructor told him, he gently tilted the lady’s head back to ensure her airways remained open.

He then asked his gobsmacked Mum to call 000 for medical assistance. The brave eight-year-old remained by the lady’s side until the medics arrived.

Pride, Confidence And Inspiration

Michael admitted that once he had initially arrived at the lady’s side his nerves almost got the better of him. He told himself to think about his instructor’s voice and the steps he had to take.

He now understands why it was so vital for him to know what to do in a medical emergency and he also understands that even a child can make a difference.

The class teacher that initiated the First Aid Club was thrilled to hear Michael’s story and share how empowered Michael had felt. “The boost to his confidence has been profound,” the teacher shared, “and all his classmates are inspired to become First Aid heroes too!”

Needless to say, the registrations for the course have soared, which could make Michael’s school the most medically prepared school in the region!

It’s Never Too Late

Whether you are 8 or 88, there is never a ‘wrong time’ to learn First Aid. Book your course and be one of the secret medical emergency heroes in our society.

Book a First Aid Course in Sydney, Melbourne or online today and help save lives!

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