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Workplace Emergencies, Are You Ready?

Did you know that WorkCover reported 121,000 injuries in 2009/10 and sadly there were 133 fatalities in NSW workplaces?

Understanding how to minimise hazards in the workplace is the start to providing a safe workplace. Implementing safe work policies for staff to follow, knowing how to deal with an injury and having the right equipment to deal with an emergency are also essentials for every workplace. Is your workplace ready?

Training Aid Australia can assist your workplace to be prepared for injury and accidents by teaching the knowledge and skills within the new Certificate IV in Work Health Safety and accredited First Aid training.

In our previous March newsletter, we announced the launch of the new Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety and we are pleased with the response to date. Just in case you missed out on the April course, we have our next course commencing on Monday June 3rd being delivered in two formats to:

  • A 4 day program delivered in one week; or
  • A 4 day program delivered over 4 consecutive weeks.

With the changes to the new national harmonisation legislation, this course offers a great opportunity for people to up skill their knowledge or refresh what they may have learnt in the past.

Gaining a WHS qualification also helps to improve your employability for those who may be trying to break into a new career, gain new employment and/or assists you to get your workplace compliant with WHS.

The learning program is conducted from 9am to 5pm each day, with all the learning resources being supplied on your first day. In this course, we provide you with many examples and templates to take back to your workplace. These may be a great starting point for any small business who is yet to implement WHS policies  for the workplace.

If you’re interested in booking into this 4 day course, please go to our website and review the course description, then follow the enrolment links to book your seat.

If you would like additional information about the learning program, please feel free to contact us.

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