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Why Traffic Management And Control Refresher Courses Are Needed In Melbourne

In traffic engineering, every site in Melbourne is different hence the benefit and necessity for refresher courses in Traffic Management and Traffic Control. Visual representations of the appropriate control devices, by trained professionals, to alter the traffic of roads or footpaths are needed in most projects. This facilitates isolated areas for storage, parking and work by civil contractors or event contractors.

Clients and contractor stakeholders will want to see the road changes to facilitate the progress of their work and the project’s success. This creates better buy-in, constructive input from all stakeholders, and ensures the project’s full scope is attended to.

Why Are Traffic Solution Specialists Needed?

Traffic management specialists are required to create efficient traffic plans while liaising all stakeholders. The collation and strategic filtration of data translates into a holistically assessed traffic management plan. As a value add, an A-Z traffic control and management service can also be supplied by traffic management and control professionals.

When Does A Client Need Traffic Guidance Assistance?

When a client is undertaking an event, a civils project or abnormal or high-risk transportations, they will need a traffic manager or controller’s assistance. Any action that impacts a public road or public foot traffic path needs a practical contingency plan that shows minimal traffic efficiency and safety reduction.

The client may apply directly or via the traffic professional for a permit from the local council as part of preplanning the event, occurrence or construction. The traffic guidance scheme, custom-designed, in accordance with the client’s specific site and specific local council’s requirements, will be submitted as part of the permit application.

The Process

The process starts with on-site visits to review and document the existing situation. The collected data is used for analysis and design requirements to create public safety compliant and ethical traffic and pedestrians control.

Whether you need a simple traffic management plan for a small roadside area or a full traffic guidance scheme for a highway belt, our expert consultants will help you devise a personalised plan that creates a safe and effective traffic solution for the stakeholders.


Once the traffic management and control professionals have received the traffic guidance scheme’s permit, the stakeholders will be notified to start the project. The traffic professionals can then continue their involvement to ensure guidance schemes are implemented correctly, thereby remaining in compliance with the local council requirements.

Professionals undertaking or executing Traffic Guidance Schemes must hold a current management or controller qualification (3 years validity). Training Aid Australia collaborates with Edway Training for Traffic Management and Traffic Controller Refresher Course training in Melbourne. Edway Training Pty Ltd is accredited by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver this training course.

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