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Why Is White Card Training Important When Job Hunting?

The construction industry is a complex industry to work in. There are varying degrees of expertise, training, and specialisations required on-site, the work pace is fast, the correctness of procedures affects your work, and the levels of risk are high and constant.

One of the many training requirements is the White Card course training, and it is needed by anyone wanting to work in the construction industry.

Why Is White Card Training Important?

This fundamental training course educates site workers on the various safety requirements and guidelines required on a building site. The most important aspect is that it gives a clear understanding of the occupational and safety hazards that could occur on a day-to-day basis. It also provides a solid grounding in how to respond to and cope with emergencies. This vital information will reduce work-related injuries and fatalities.

Employment Opportunities

Differentiation in the job market will put a candidate ahead of the pack. A job seeker with appropriate training and skills is much more attractive than a candidate that still has to be put through training. The training could be the difference between an entry-level position and a more senior position.

A Safety Attitude

As construction is an endless maze of risks, having workers on-site who know safe work behaviour and how to cope with risks makes a project far more successful. Safety is key, and knowledge will make a worker more aware and more careful.

Training gives workers a mental safety checklist on behaviour, reporting and contingency actions.

Future Working Environment.

During a White Card training course, trainees will be put through simulations of a real working environment. The learnt theories can then be applied as practical knowledge, which deepens understanding and information retention. If you are moving into construction from an unrelated industry, the White Card training is a perfect transition tool and will make your start-up far more comfortable.

National Accreditation 

The White Card accreditation is accepted across different states and territories, so you can ply your trade across the country without needing additional safety training courses.

There are in-classroom and online training options; however, face-to-face training is more effective, and some states only accept in-classroom or in-person training.

Take your career to the next level with White Card accreditation, or give us a call to find out more now!

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