What Is The Difference Between A Building & Site Supervisor?

Sometimes, the terms ‘building supervisor’ and ‘site supervisor’ are used interchangeably. While there are many similarities, such as location, industry and the need for a white card course qualification, there are notable differences.

Let’s look at the roles that these two positions cover in the industry.

Building Supervisor Overview

A building supervisor plays a pivotal role in making certain that building projects run on time and resources are used effectively.

What Does A Building Supervisor Do?

On any given day, a building supervisor will be required to plan staff, subcontractors, equipment and work scope. Duties can also involve ensuring materials are organised, multiple quality inspections per day, assessing staff productivity and controlling subcontractors.

List Of Duties

  • Coordinate staff concerning work scope
  • Control contractor and subcontractor schedules relative to the site
  • Monitor subcontractor adherence to safety specifications
  • Monitor subcontractor adherence to technical specifications
  • Manage availability and usage of materials
  • Monitor productivity versus deadlines
  • Complete and submit council applications 
  • Complete and submit building contracts
  • Supervising admin and site staff
  • Ensure building standards are met across the board

What Else Does A Builder Supervisor Do?

A building supervisor is not restricted to one site; they can supervise multiple sites simultaneously. Every construction contractor, individual or company is required to have a registered building work supervisor for each project to properly supervise their work as they are responsible for the adherence to building standards.

The various employment sites estimate a typical salary to be approximately $98,000 per annum.

Site Supervisor Overview

A site supervisor is responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations on construction sites.

What Does A Site Supervisor Do?

The day-to-day duties of a site supervisor will involve maintaining a general overview of a site and coordinating specific tasks for any one day. They are directly responsible for achieving high productivity levels and compliance with health and safety standards.

Site supervisors usually work on construction sites.

List Of Duties

  • Design and implement best practices to assist tradespeople and staff in achieving tasks most efficiently
  • Assess potential hazards to people on the site, the public and equipment
  • Specify and put in place controls to minimise the risks
  • Conduct regular safety inspections of processes, machinery and equipment
  • Schedule timely maintenance of machinery to ensure it operates safely, its guarantees remain intact and premature obsolescence is avoided
  • Communicate with senior management and project stakeholders about the safety and efficiency needs of the site
  • Keep accurate records relating to all duties

What Else Does A Site Supervisor Do?

A site supervisor does not only focus on the construction site; they are often involved in external meetings relating to the project as well as handling strategic decisions to improve the project’s progress. Their communication skills must be suitable for executive and site discussions and they should have impeccable project management skills.

They will possess a comprehensive understanding of related legislation, building and zone regulations and work protocols. 

The various employment sites estimate a typical salary to be approximately $110,000 per annum.

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