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What Is The Career Trajectory In Traffic Management?

You might mistakenly believe that a traffic management job doesn’t have a steep career climbing opportunity. However, we’re happy to be here today to advise you that you are mistaken in that belief.

Keep reading to learn about the lucrative career trajectory that you can launch with traffic management training in Melbourne and Sydney. Let’s go!

Getting The Basics Done

Start with entry-level certification to open the doors to traffic management and control. It is mandatory to start with the basics; you can’t skip steps and jump to advanced. You will learn both theory and practical knowledge about traffic management Melbourne signs, job site equipment and traffic control behaviour. 

Worksite Traffic Management

After one year of being qualified with traffic management and traffic controller certification, you can do the Worksite Traffic Management qualification. This will certify you to change and check traffic plans from a traffic engineer. 

Advanced Worksite Traffic Management 

Next, you can undertake Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager training ‒ a comprehensive course that takes you through extensive theory and practical learning. This will certify you to produce specific traffic management plans that guide teams in managing traffic and setting up a worksite. It also includes risk assessment and management.

This opens doors to more senior tasks and responsibilities as well as the possibility of becoming a planner. At this stage, it is important to build up more experience in traffic guidance and management.

Future Opportunities

Your future opportunities will include:

  • Road Safety
  • Road Design, Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Asset Management
  • Operations Assistance and Project Management 
  • AutoCAD Traffic Planning

Traffic Management Attenuators

You can combine the above training with the training for operating a truck-mounted attenuator for traffic management. This is a traffic control method as part of risk management. It enhances the safety of traffic flow and the protection of staff and clients from out-of-control vehicles. The vehicle with the mounted attenuator is strategically positioned to absorb forces from impacts and to be a barrier.


There are multiple and diverse career opportunities that can launch from the acquiring of a traffic management qualification. Whether you wish to work locally or internationally, this certification is the first stepping stone you need to start your lucrative career path!

Book your traffic management Melbourne course today!

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