STCW95 AMSA accredited training

We have received many enquiries from students over the past weeks regarding the STCW95 training and the difference between STCW95 AMSA approved courses vs. STCW95 international approved courses, so we thought we would post this information to assist students determine which course is best suited for them.

In Australian waters, some commercial marine operators require staff to complete an STCW95 AMSA approved course to work. Normally these commercial operators are part of the Maritime Union and comply with their regulations but not all commercial operators require the STCW95 AMSA approved course.

There are many commercial operators which do not require the STCW95 AMSA approved course, instead they require an International Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Sailing Federation (ISAF) or Royal Yachting Association (RYA) STCW approved course.

The course which Training Aid Australia can book students into is not an AMSA approved STCW95 course. For an approved course, go to the AMSA website and view the listed course providers.

Some examples of commercial operators which do require an STCW AMSA approved course are:

  • Tug boat companies
  • Ferry companies
  • Mining companies
  • Offshore work stations
  • Maritime construction companies

Examples of commercial operators which may not require the STCW ASA approved course are:

  • Whale watching companies
  • Jet boat operators
  • Recreational sport  companies (e.g. dive boats, para sailing)
  • Commercial yachts (e.g. harbour tours)
  • Personal vessels with full time crew (Australian waters or international waters)

Our recommendation for all students is to check what your company requirements are prior to booking a course and when booking, make sure the training course meets your needs.

 We hope this information has proven helpful.

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