Should Your Projects Use Traffic Management In Melbourne?

There is a long list of situations when an organisation should be engaged in traffic management in Melbourne. The list is extensive and can include situations such as:

  • Traffic lane blockages for complex multi-hour deliveries,
  • Five people photo shoots to large film shoots,
  • Road repairs,
  • Water pipe repairs,
  • The movement of heavy machinery,
  • Sports events,
  • Entertainment events and
  • Anticipated gatherings of people.

It is a complex management system that needs experience and training. This is why there are specialist companies, and individual specialist professionals, who are highly experienced in providing traffic management solutions to you.

What Is A Traffic Management Solution?

Your traffic management needs could range from a few hours to a few years. Each situation will need to be assessed by a professional, and, as with most things, the sooner the assessment takes place, the greater the chances of success.

  • Consider safety

During the professional’s assessment of the simplicity or complexity of the needs, they will consider the safety of workers, contractors, performers or participants onsite. In addition, they will consider the safety of the public passing the area. They will also assess the different types of traffic, e.g. foot traffic, bicycles, wheelchairs, golf carts, motorised vehicles, large commercial vehicles, etc.

They aim to promote safety whilst achieving a minimally disrupted flow. However, safety is a complex issue and is not simple to solve. There are often cases where a poorly thought through safety plan can, in itself, become a huge safety risk.

  • Congestion alleviation

All traffic management plans prioritise safety first; then, the resulting congestion alleviation is addressed. The congestion not only applies to vehicles but to people on foot as well. Congested foot traffic can lead to stampedes or injuries from crushing.

With the training and expertise available from a traffic management specialist, your project will not only go as planned but will also avoid the unwitting injury or death of a person. Your team can then focus on what they do best – their job at hand.

What Does A Traffic Management Specialist Do?

A traffic management specialist will work with:

  • The city’s roads department,
  • Tram departments,
  • Public transport divisions,
  • Local councils,
  • Your project manager,
  • 0H&S managers,
  • The police,
  • State authorities,
  • Traffic authorities,
  • Heritage associations,
  • Cultural associations,
  • Religious associations
  • Any other organisations that need to be consulted due to your situation impacting their area of influence.

The specialist will issue or manage traffic management strategies, plans and permits, event management plans, signage supply and installation, water barrier hire and installation, and will hire signage and equipment.

A traffic management specialist will provide qualified, skilled, accredited and certified staff, so you have peace of mind that your event’s traffic will go ahead safely, in secure surroundings. Contact us for traffic management training in Melbourne or Ph: 1300 663 350 or email: today!

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