Senior First Aid

What is the Senior First Aid?

Senior First Aid is the name which many Australians became accustom to before the industry council changed its title back in 2008.

Senior First Aid was also known as Level 2 First Aid in VIC.

The new course title which the industry council gave the first aid unit of competency was HLTFA301B Apply First Aid. Over the years, this code has changed from HLTFA301C to HLTFA311A but the title remained Apply First Aid since 2008.

In 2014, our old Senior First Aid will be further removed again when the latest HLTAID003 Provide First Aid unit of competency becomes available.

Why are there new releases and changes?

The Industry Skills Council is responsible for the unit of competency development and implementation have taken on feedback, consulted with industry bodies and the changes reflect the need to improve the competencies. Some of these changes have included:

  • Adding a ‘S’ to DRSABCD – the primary assessment of a situation. The ‘S’ stand for ‘Send for Help’.
  • The latest version will have all students delivery 4min of CPR on a manikin. Previously, there was no time guideline.
  • CPR is now required to be demonstrated on an adult manikin and infant manikin.

There are other changes which prompt the new releases but these are some which students will notice in the coming years.

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