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Sea Survival Training – Who Needs It?

Sea Survival Training and other Sea Survival courses were developed in reaction to the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race in which 5 yachts went down, 6 sailors lost their lives and a further 55 sailors had to be rescued. 

One of the key factors the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia report found ‘contributed to the loss of lives and yachts’ was ‘many crews, despite having high levels of ocean racing experience, were poorly informed on aspects of safety equipment use and search and rescue techniques.’ Sea Survival Training was introduced, and all yachtsmen are now required to have formal accreditation to sail yachts and other sea vessels in NSW waters.

Sea Survival Training has become such a successful course, other courses associated with life and work on the sea have now become an essential part of both professional marine workplaces and marine leisure activities.

Sea survival techniques and sailing skills have been divided into 7 courses designed to not only increase sea safety and survival but also correct usage of sea survival equipment;

  1. Marine Radio Operator Licence Course

This course shows participants how to correctly communicate and operate a marine radio in both MROCP and VHF frequencies. Special focus is placed on appropriate communications in an emergency situation.

  1. STCW10 Sea Survival Course

This is a full 5 day training combo course. If all units are passed, successful participants will be accredited with IMO Compliant STCW10 Course of Safety Training Certificate, IMO Compliant STCW10 Marine First Aid Certificate which is Workcover accredited, IMO Compliant STCW10 PST,

PSSR & Basic Fire Fighting Certificates, IMO Compliant Maritime Security Awareness Certification, RYA/MCA & RYA/ISAF Sea Survival Certificates

The STCW10 Sea Survival course aims to give successful participants the necessary principles of survival at sea which could be required during manning of foreign going sea vessels.

  1. Sea Survival Training

Sea Survival Training seeks to educate participants in the correct usage and application of sea survival equipment during an emergency situation onboard a sea going vessel. Covered are equipment such as flares, Personal safety and survival equipment, emergency procedures, planning for emergencies and other vital emergency responder skills. A sea survival certificate will be awarded after training is successfully completed.

  1. Marine First Aid Training

Marine First Aid Training is Training Aid’s HLTAID003 Provide First Aid training with a particular emphasis on skills which are pertinent to basic first aid incidents on sea vessels. All basic first aid techniques, use of sea survival kit, and appropriate responses are covered in this course

  1. Marine Diesel Engine Course

This course is essential for anyone who owns and sails a yacht or larger sea going vessel powered by a marine diesel engine. The course aims to give participants the skills to correctly maintain and repair marine diesel engines. Not only does this training show participants how to save money by completing their own diesel engine services, they should be able to complete repairs which could stop a major disaster from happening.

  1. Marine Radar Operation Course

Understanding the new technology of Marine Radar Operation is vital for contemporary yachtsmen. Not only is Radar training essential for navigation, it also allows for accurate storm forecasting and collision control. This course is designed to show participants how to correctly read and interpret radar data.

  1. RYA Sailing School Lessons

RYA approved Sailing School lessons are divided up into both beginner, intermediate and master sailing categories. Basic sailing skills training are demonstrated and all students are given hands-on instruction as well.

There is little doubt each of these courses offer many benefits for anyone who is planning either a career at sea, professional sea vessel racing or advanced leisure sailing. But the main reason to become accredited in any or all of these courses is because your safety, and the safety of all others who are on the sea vessel you are on, can depend on you knowing everything you can about how to survive at sea.

Contact our professional consultants at Training Aid for more information about our Sea Survival Courses and for more information about Discounts for Group Training we offer.

*This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to hold one of Training Aid’s group OHS courses, we highly recommend that you concerning your SPECIFIC requirements

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