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RCG Certificates And Courses Prepare You For The Gambling Industry

Victor Dominello, the NSW Minister responsible for the gambling policy, is leading the community drive to make changes to the act. In 2020, the Minister started a review of a weighty study, the Responsible Conduct of Gambling Study, to assist him in assessing improvements for the future.

At Training Aid Australia, the Responsible Conduct of Gambling Sydney course (RCG) is a qualification course for gambling industry employees to help patrons feel safe in a gambling establishment.

The fundamentals relating to the anticipated job requirements and the environment are covered.  The RCG course participants are also given indicators of how to anticipate and prevent problems.


The first point of contact for gambling patrons seeking help with gambling-related problems is usually gambling industry staff. The staff are there for hours on shift, multiple shifts per week, making them the perfect initiators of an RCG process. The staff’s assistance could be a much-needed lifeline to the patron if they recognise their problem and reach out for help. The ability to handle it correctly and compassionately is an important transition period.

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling Study has called for changes to the RCG practices and training in NSW so that a greater impact can be felt and to better equip the industry staff. The researchers have proposed that “to improve gambling harm minimisation, mandatory intervention should be required when patrons display problem gambling behaviours.”

Government Steps

The market thoughts are that Minister Dominello is seriously considering making changes to align interventions with the report. The Office of Responsible Gambling’s spokesperson confirmed that the “Government is committed to bolstering harm minimisation measures relating to the use of gaming machines”.  It is believed that the extra focus was sadly augmented by the death by suicide of Gary Van Duinen after a 13-hour pokie binge at Dee Why RSL.

As the whole world knows, there are strong financial incentives for the industry to keep the current model in place in all countries around the world.  On this background, the global communities look forward to the ongoing RCG changes to encourage an ethical level of standards. The healthier the industry support structures are, the better its overall image will grow globally.

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