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New WHS Consultation Course Information

In Jan 2012, the current Occupational Health and Safety Consultation course will be replaced with a new Work Health and Safety course.

This course will be for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) that has been elected to represent a workgroup/s for their workplace under the new Work, Health, and Safety Act. It aims to familiarise participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of workplace WHS consultation as an integral part of effective WHS management system (WHSMS). The course should also assist in the development of appropriate attitudes to enable HS Representatives to effectively carry out their functions under WHS Legislation.

The WHS Legislation sets out the requirements for Training of an HS Representative. These establish important processes to enhance consultation and other duties between the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) (previously known as the employer), the Officer and others as established under the WHS Legislation. The Regulation details how a PCBU should consult with their officer and others while including them in the OHS decision making process, utilising HS Representatives, Committees and or other agreed arrangements.

Section 72 of the WHS Act requires that, if the PCBU is asked by a HS Representative to have this training available, the PCBU must allow this course as soon as practicable after being requested.

Clause 2.1.7 of the WHS Regulations requires the course to be completed over 5 days with a total of training hours being 32 (hours to be determined).

 If a person has completed the OHS Consultation Course 90502NSW under the previous OHS Legislation, this person will only need to complete a bridging course. Evidence of prior completion will be required prior to sitting the bridging course.

Clause 2.1.7 of the WHS Regulations also states that if requested, a PCBU must make available refresher training to a HS Representative every 12 months.

For further information regarding this new course or the new Work, Health and Safety Act, please contact our team on 02 01300 663 350

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