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How Are Provide Basic And Advanced First Aid Different?

In very simple terms, Provide First Aid 003 covers all the basic first aid techniques and processes, whereas Provide Advanced First Aid 006 covers more sophisticated practises, uses of complex medical equipment, and also offers basic people management training.

As a part of the Provide First Aid 003 training, students are taught to manage all the common injuries and issues which the majority of humans experience.

Many treatments of common ailments are covered, such as;

Ø  soft tissue damage

Ø  dislocations

Ø  fractures

Ø  eye problems

Ø  allergic responses

Ø  seizures

Ø  shock

Ø  infection control

Also covered are life-saving techniques such as;


Ø  use of an AED

Ø  the recovery position


Provide First Aid 003 training also includes ‘self-preservation’ practices such as;

Ø  risk and hazard assessment

Ø  wearing masks during CPR practices

Ø  debriefing

Provide First Aid 003 training aims to give students an understanding of how to competently handle the most common ailments.

Generally, Provide First Aid 003 is targeted towards training;

Ø  staff

Ø  people working within industries which might have a high risk of accidents or hazards occurring

Ø  parents and carers

Ø  the general public

Ø  almost anyone who might be called on in an emergency situation to provide first aid treatments and procedures


Provide Advanced First Aid 006 it more appropriate for those who wish to have a more senior, first aid management role within an emergency situation. Advanced First Aid 006 revises the same, basic first aid techniques, but also looks at some more complex first aid practises. Also covered are more in-depth overview of risks and hazards, and management of other first aiders during emergency situations.

Included in the First Aid techniques covered are emergency childbirth and the appropriate responses to someone who is experiencing a drug overdose, or a substance exposure. More detailed training is offered during Provide First Aid 006 in the areas of emergency management and legal requirements. And there is a more detailed examination of appropriate first aid procedures for causalities who are aged, infirmed or children.

Provide Advanced First Aid 006 training takes a closer look at;

Ø  basic human anatomy and physiology

Ø  safe use and monitoring medication

Ø  assessment of emergency situations

Ø  allocation of first aid and emergency  personnel and resources

Ø  evacuation procedures

Ø  prioritising first aid treatments

Ø  evaluating first aid events

Ø  evaluating first aid staff

Ø  record keeping

Contact our professional consultants at Training Aid for more information about the First Aid courses we offer. We have onsite training premises in both Sydney and Melbourne, but we are happy to provide group training first aid courses at your choice of location. 

*This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to hold one of Training Aid’s group First Aid courses, we highly recommend that you contact Training Aid for more information about Training Aid’s Courses and discuss your SPECIFIC requirements


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