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Group Training Refresher Courses in Asthma and Anaphylaxis Sydney

It is easy to see why parents, grandparents, and carers are enrolling in the Asthma Anaphylaxis Sydney training.  More and more Australians are suffering from the extreme physiological effects from allergies. And government regulations now require health and education institutions to educate their staff in appropriate Asthma and Anaphylaxis Sydney responses.     Group Training Refresher Courses are becoming increasingly popular.

  • It is estimated one infant in ten is affected by some type of food allergy in Australia

This does not mean all of these children will grow up to experience the extreme effects of aphylaxis. However, there is no denying that someone you know could be at risk of suffering a fatal anaphylaxis episode. Extreme response allergies (mainly triggered by insect or other stings, plant allergies, medication allergies, or eating specific types of food) usually develop during infancy. But, there is now an increasing diagnosis of late onset extreme allergic reactions, first being experienced at during adulthood.

  • Similarly Asthma affects around one in nine Australians

Asthma Australia recently stated that, during 2014, over 400 Australians suffered fatal asthma attacks. Children under 15 are more likely to be hospitalised with asthma than adults. However, people first experiencing their first serious symptoms of asthma during adulthood are also increasing. Again, this doesn’t mean that each person suffering from asthma will go on to have a life-threatening asthma attack.  But, like anaphylaxis, all carers and professionals, who are a part of an asthmatic’s life, should have fully up-to-date asthma management qualifications.

Some people who are required to help assist during an asthma or anaphylaxis attack, panic so much they forget the life sustaining procedures they need to follow. Studies have proven refresher training minimises the level of panic in someone who is assisting a person experiencing an episode of asthma anaphylaxis Sydney.

Many participants in our Group Training Refresher Courses in Asthma Anaphylaxis Sydney are surprised to they find out their certifications are only valid for three years. There is a growing number of new research findings, technological advances, and more effective first responses, being released. There are often newly recommended ways of treating allergic reactions of Asthma Anaphylaxis Sydney.

Protect your loved ones, your clients, or anyone who could suffer either an asthma or anaphylaxis attack and get your asthma anaphylaxis Sydney accreditation.

Organise a Training Aid to conduct a Group Training Session in Asthma Anaphylaxis Sydney. Group Training can be held either at one of our Training Centres or onsite at your workplace.

For more information about Training Aid’s Asthma Anaphylaxis Sydney Courses, or Group Training services contact us via this website, or Call 1300 2 ENROL (1300 2 36 765) to discuss your training requirements.

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. Do NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to enrol or attend one of our courses we highly recommend that you discuss this with one of our friendly staff, your company manager, or other supervisors, to advise on your group’s SPECIFIC requirements.

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