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Gin Industry Work Opportunities & RSA Needs

The spirits industry in most countries has been controlled by international manufacturers globally for decades. Consumers started yearning for hand-crafted, low carbon footprint, unique local options and this has created burgeoning job opportunities for Australians with RSA training in Sydney. The opportunities have a good future projection as Australians are loving the local gin distillers.

Australian Gin Industry Overview

Gin sales soared by 36%, and the Australian Distillers Association announced that its membership climbed from 40 in 2020 to 400 presently. In 2020, total consumption was more than 970 thousand 9 L cases. Local distillers sell less than big brands, which is expected, but the upward trajectory continues with 300% growth.

The flavoured gin market is exploding and Australia’s unique ingredients (For example, Davidson plum, wattle seed, sea parsley and bush tomato) are setting it apart from big brands. International manufacturers continue to lose market share to local gin distillers.

Why Is Local Product Such A Beauty?

So why are local bottle-Os filling up with local products? Let’s look at a local distillery as an example: Mt. Uncle Distillery. 

Their one brand, Botanic Australis Navy Strength, knocked the socks off of judges at the London Spirits Competition and trotted home with the Best Gin of the Year Award! Mt. Uncle’s master distiller puts a lot of focus on Australian flora while retaining the legislated amount of juniper. You will find Tasmanian pepper-berry and wattle seed in this blend. The master distiller also uses aromatic  lemon-scented gum and lemon myrtle and to tamper down the sharpness of the high alcohol content of gin, giving you a zesty finish.

Local distilleries are building impeccable reputations and keep scooping up awards for premium liqueurs. The use of local Australian ingredients is highly attractive to their consumers. 

Mt Uncle Distillery nabbed an additional two gold medals at the London Spirits Competition for their Botanic Australis Northern Gem gin and, on the non-gin front, for their Iridium Gold Rum. Not stopping there, they also bagged five silver medals which shows the class of spirits that Australia is producing. 

They are certainly not the only distillery that is winning awards, so the world is your oyster (or bottle of gin) if you have RSA training and are looking for work opportunities in this industry!

Where To From Here For Gin?

As the number of craft spirit manufacturers increases, as well as world recognition via awards, the local market will grow locally and continue to compete successfully internationally.

Ready to join this creative, growing market? Get your RSA training today!

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