Empowering The Elderly With First Aid Training

Globally, the percentage of the population that is elderly is growing year on year, yet there are very few initiatives aimed at empowering them and ensuring a rich, fulfilled life for their remaining thirty or forty years. Health sciences have been campaigning for years to classify ageing as a complex illness and not a health or life phenomenon. Initiatives such as encouraging the elderly to do first aid training in Melbourne will empower them to have independence for a longer period of their lifespan, which is vital for mental health and general wellbeing.

The Relevance Of First Aid Training For The Elderly

The two topmost vulnerable sectors of society are the elderly and minors, with stays in hospitals or clinics being more frequent for people over sixty-five years versus other age categories.

The cause of the medical events with the elderly is due to reduced physical dexterity or, sometimes, poor nutrition. A poor diet can lead to vitamin B deficiencies which can cause dizziness and fainting. Tumbles lead to injuries with a higher risk of early death, loss of mobility and confinement to full-time care arrangements.

Providing the knowledge of first aid training is not only a confidence and mental health booster but is of enormous assistance to an elderly citizen living amongst higher-risk peers.

Promoting Self-Management In The Elderly

Health promotion in the elderly brings about independence and shows respect for the diverse sectors of society. Training is a proactive step for developing self-management as it gives the elderly citizen information, skills and tools.

The need for first aid assistance often arises when the elderly are not in the presence of a medical professional. Therefore, having multiple first-aid trained peers in each retirement living arrangement increases in importance exponentially.

The higher injury and sudden illness risks in this sector of society are the drivers behind a growing call from global organisations to include the elderly in first-aid training initiatives.


Since 2015, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have headed the global initiative and even coined a slogan: “First aid and ageing of population”. The aim is to change the global attitude and develop a positive role for the elderly. By showing that the elderly can be a valuable source of first aid, combined with priceless wisdom and common sense, their traditional “role” of weak, helpless citizens on the sideline is transformed.

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