A Grateful Mum now has a First Aid course at top of her list to complete

What would you do if your child was choking? Would you know what to do? Could you think clearly and respond? OR would you panic?

One mother is counting her blessings and prioritising completing a First Aid course after her son almost choked and she was unable to help him. Thankfully a First Aid trained, good Samaritan came to their rescue and was able to save the boy. Read the incredible story here

Do you know what to do if a child was having trouble or was not breathing? Do you leave your kids with relatives or friends frequently? Would they know what to do?

We say it time and time again… you never know when YOU will need to respond and save the life of a loved one or of a complete stranger. We believe First Aid training should be compulsory for all parents, carers, drivers, pool owners.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t live with the regret that you did not know what to do in an emergency situation.

First Aid is a skill that will help you respond and potentially save someone’s life. CPR training is 3 hours and First Aid is 1 day of training – that will teach you invaluable skills and enable you to go to the aid of a loved one in need.

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