7 Tips To Get The Best Construction Industry Job

Construction jobs look simple but, in reality, they are mentally and physically demanding and complex. Construction personnel demand is set to increase year on year with excellent career growth opportunities. Starting with a white card course, the construction worker of today and the future needs technical, physical and EQ skills. We have collated some top skills and traits for shaping a successful career path in the construction industry.

Construction Career Tip # 1

When considering a career in construction you start with a white card course and the knowledge that you will need physical endurance on site. Approximately half your tasks will include heavy lifting work and endurance. You will require proper posture and knowledge of ergonomics or you will spend more time off work with injuries than on site working.

Construction Career Tip # 2

If you have an impediment that affects your dexterity and hand-eye coordination, then construction work may not be the job for you. Coordination is required for accurate, swift movement of arms and legs in any environment in combination with very good eyesight for tasks such as reading the small font measurements on documents, detailed examinations and gauge readings.

Construction Career Tip # 3

Technical, tool and material knowledge relating to building and engineering will greatly enhance your career opportunities. Increasing your knowledge of masonry, heavy equipment, surveying, metalwork, plumbing, HVAC, construction and maintenance of structures, roads and bridges will open doors for you. Start with your white card course.

Construction Career Tip # 4

You will need both brain and brawn. Excellent literacy and mathematics skills will set you apart from an average employee. Add algebra and geometry to your maths and your career opportunities expand further for calculating materials, tracking measurements and adjustments.

Construction Career Tip # 5

Construction is dynamic and intense which requires superior memory skills. Tasks on site are always complex, multi-step tasks, and if you need constant reminding due to a memory impediment then you will find this career unsatisfactory. You must be able to recall complex, long lists, details and processes.

Construction Career Tip # 6

Communication is key on site. Errors on site are caused by bad communication at least 50% of the time. Communication is not only about talking, it refers to writing, reading, listening, transferring instruction and comprehension.

Construction Career Tip # 7

Construction is not immune from the surge of technology. Over half of the world’s construction companies have new technology R&D departments. Having knowledge of AR, VR BIM, drones and construction management software will stand you in good stead.

Workers who possess these construction skills and traits will set themselves apart from the competition for the best jobs available in the construction industry.

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