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4 Jobs You Can Use Your RCG Certificate In

Have you seen the RCG certificate mentioned on job portals? Did you know you will broaden your job opportunities with that certification? You may be wondering what it is, and that’s why you have clicked on this blog, so here is an explanation as well as a helpful guide to 4 jobs you could use it in!

What Is An RCG Certificate?

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificate is proof of training relating specifically to jobs within the gambling industry. This can include pubs or gaming arenas; it is not only restricted to casinos.

Through the course, you will become specialised in assisting in a gambling or pokies problem, and the qualification is required for workers where any gambling activity exists. More and more hotels, motels, clubs, and pubs have gaming areas. Therefore, it is compulsory for some staff members hired into the liquor and gaming area to carry the proper qualification. Once the certificate is obtained, it is valid for five years and can be easily renewed with a quick, online refresher course.

Job Demand Growth In The Gaming Industry

With the gaming industry growing at a rapid pace, there are a lot of opportunities available. So jump to the head of the hiring queue with an RCG Certificate. Here are four jobs that will snap you up when you are carrying RSG certification:

  1. Venue Manager

As a venue manager, you will need comprehensive knowledge of what RSG entails. In addition to effortlessly keeping an eye on day to day operations, you will be seamlessly managing staff and ensuring the avoidance of complications. In addition, you will be balancing customer satisfaction, customer care (including care via the application of RSG) and venue growth.

  1. Gaming Supervisor

This role is responsible for supervising a team of gaming staff, attending to service calls, making decisions (which will include RSG decisions), resolving complaints and contributing to customer satisfaction. You will need an eye for detail and strong communication skills, especially when acting on an RSG decision or helping a staff member under stress.

  1. Gaming/TAB Attendant

You will need to know how to handle Keno, gaming machine payouts, TAB operations, cash, and EFTPOS machines. You are the first line of standards for superior cleanliness, safety, compliance and cash handling. The ideal candidate will need a calm persona and good communication skills. You will be part of the team that watches out for RSG concerns and assists with the solution.

  1. Promotions And Events Coordinator

When a gaming event or promotion is needed, you will be the creative mind behind it and will lead the organising and implementation. You will create campaigns that talk about the forthcoming events that consider and comply with RSG. Your persuasive nature will get the whole team on board, making the event a great money-spinner.

If these job opportunities excite you, then get your RSG Certification done asap. Contact us for RCG Certificate training. Any questions? Ph: 1300 663 350 or email: admin@trainingaid.com.au. If you enjoyed this article, try our article Get Your RCG Certificate In Sydney On Your Smartphone!

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